Now that we have the contract behind us, it’s time to get you connected.  We partner with Utility Concierge and they are experts in finding the best solutions for the services you need for your new home including security, television, internet and basic utilities.  While they can’t set up all utilities in our area, they will make sure you have all the information and options you need to get setup and running smoothly.

They work directly with the service providers in our area to ensure you get the best rates possible. They are a single point of contact to set up your new home services and they do all of this at no cost to you!  If you would prefer to handle the setup yourself, simply let the account manager know when they call. Find out more about How It Works and answers to many FAQs.

We have already submitted your information and your Personal Concierge will reach out to you a couple weeks before closing to customize a comprehensive plan to fit your specific needs. If you would like to reach out to them sooner, contact Katie Leon.

How It Works

1 Consultation

Speak with your Personal Concierge about the home services that are important to you and the dates you need them connected.

2 Research and Preparation

While you go focus on your move, your Personal Concierge will be hard at work preparing a custom plan to fit your needs.

3 You Make The Selections

Your Personal Concierge will then present all the best products and promotions available. You’ll be able to compare, ask questions, and make adjustments.

4 Make The Connections

Your Personal Concierge will strategically coordinate installation of your services at the times that work best for you and provide information on how to order the services for those they cannot order on your behalf.

Katie Leon
Account Manager

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